John & Diane

It is always easier to learn when you are having fun doing it!

"Hairy and Company" is an interactive program designed for public elementary schools, sharing lessons on character that encourage teachers and students alike. Songs and skits help students consider four important choices: attentiveness, responsibility, friendliness, and thankfulness

For information on how you can have this unique and affordable program come to your school, contact John and Diane Windle. Call 920 233 3921 or to send us an email. Please include your name, mailing address, phone, and email address.

What everyone is saying about Hairy and Company

John and Diane (Hairy and Company) were awesome! Our students and families enjoyed their songs and puppets immensely. They kept an audience of “kids” ages 1-80 captivated for an hour—laughing, singing, and interacting. What a fun way to reinforce with students the importance of being a person of good character and to keep them thinking about making wise choices—knowing and doing right things! Thanks, John and Diane, for sharing your talents with our school community.

Karen Wendorf-Heldt, Principal, Washington School Merrill, WI

We recently had John & Diane Windle come to present a Character Education Program through "Hairy & Company". This program was absolutely outstanding. My teachers felt this program was the best we have ever had in regards to the message, entertainment value, and level of engagement on the part of our students. Aside from a great message of respecting others and the importance of kids doing their best at school, this program was full of energy and great fun for all of us. Hairy and his goofy cohorts really came alive and connected with our students. Super Program!!!!

Dirk Hunter, Principal, Summit Elementary School, Onalaska, WI

We had Hairy and Company perform for our entire K-5 school and we were extremely delighted. The message and content of the program was appropriate for all of the grade levels and in fact the teachers were entertained as well. Perhaps the unique aspect of Hairy and Company is that the message is much deeper than just respect with highlights being attentiveness and thankfulness. Our students loved all of characters and the way in which John and Diane portrayed them. Our staff was very glad we chose this program and I would highly recommend it to any k-5 elementary school.

Brian Oberweiser, Associate Principal, Eagle Bluff Elementary, Onalaska, WI