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John & Diane

Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center

John and Diane have been missionary staff with Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center since 1977. Forest Springs is a Bible centered camp located in Westboro, Wisconsin. Situated on a beautiful lake, camp is a place where the entire staff is committed to the spiritual growth of children and families. There are opportunities to grow in teamwork, develop confidence, and be stretched.  There are so many great things to do: Bike Riding, Tennis, Air Rifles, Archery, Drama, Sailing, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, Volleyball, Mini-Farm, Foosball, Kayak, Carpetball, Softball, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, Crazy Skits, Ping Pong, Frisbee Golf, Crafts, Wilderness Camping, Nature Education, Challenge Course, Mini-Golf, Wilderness Trips, Climbing wall, High Ropes Coarse, and Paintball.

During the summer months, John and Diane, along with Hairy and Company, are involved in teaching ministries with children and adults on site.  They return at other times of the year for specific events such as couples retreats, winter family camps, and ladies events.  Most of the time, they travel as part of the Outreach Ministries of Forest Springs.  They take the ministry of camp to local churches throughout the Midwest and beyond.

For more information about the ministry of Forest Springs, please visit their website!

Forest Springs

Come join us for an amazing week of fun and learning at camp!

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