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Gettin' Ready For The Kingdom

  • From the Album: Get Into the Word - Volume 1
  • Composed by: Diane Windle
  • Lyrics:

I hope you see a change in me
I'm not what I used to be
I am marching to a different drum
The King of Kings has called my name
And I will never be the same
I just can't wait until His Kingdom comes!

I'm gettin' ready for the Kingdom
Gettin' everything done--
Just the way He told me in His Word
It's not enough to simply act the part
I will serve Him from my heart
And I will reign forever with the Lord

I'm walking down the narrow way
Learning how to really pray
Loving those who have no love for me
Helping those who may be weak
Remembering to turn my cheek
I'm letting His light shine for all to see

I am not supposed to worry
And I'm not allowed to judge
I will leave my cares with Jesus Christ my King
But if I ask I will receive
And seeking I will find
Knocking, I will see doors opening

Underlined lyrics are repeated

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