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Meet Our Friends

Hairy is rather zany and a bit egotistical. His favorite pastime is having someone else brush his hair. He loves pizza and chocolate and silly jokes. Of course, he assumes everyone loves him.

Buckwheat and Chuckie are unlikely friends. Buckwheat is a loveable bear who enjoys laughing and having fun. Chuckie is a talkative, impulsive, over-sized mouse who admires Mickey Mouse, but is also very loyal to his best friend, Buckwheat.

Emit is a wise old camel who loves to travel the world and tell stories. He is usually off on a trip somewhere, but you never know when he will make an appearance and entertain the kids with one of his tales.

Wilbur is an annoying worry wart. He can't understand why anyone should be able to relax and enjoy life.

Snozzle is delighted with his unique nose—"a great big honking snoz with a great big red ball on the end of it". He forgets almost everything because he has never learned to pay attention.

Dr. Phillip is a Pharisee. He follows the rules, works hard, and means well. He prides himself on his accomplishments and wants everyone else to know about them, too!

Dudley has some issues. He has a hard time making friends, mostly because he is afraid that others won't like him. He usually concentrates on himself and his problems.

Larry and Val are brother and sister, and sometimes sibling rivalry can get the best of them. Val can be rather emotional. She loves to try her hand at baking, but it usually doesn't turn out too well. Larry sometimes gets in trouble, often because he likes to tease his little sister.

Forest Springs

Come join us for an amazing week of fun and learning at camp!

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