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Movin' On Down

Buckwheat and Chuckie overhear some exciting news, and they waste no time letting everyone know - they are going to Hollywood!

Ambitious plans can be exciting, but they can lead to confusion and arguments between good friends. They soon discover that pride is not a friend, and the way up is down.


Hairy and Company-Backstage - DVD

For years the puppet gang has been traveling the Midwest and beyond to bring truth and laughter to kids of all ages. Now you can go “backstage” and find out what life is like with these zany friends.  Along with the fun are four lessons that could serve as an introduction or a brief lesson with your children.

Video lessons include:
Loving God, Loving People (Snozzle)
The Rich Man and Lazarus (Hairy)
Keeping Promises (Buckwheat and Chuckie)
Dudley’s Song (Dudley)