Take God At His Word

  • From the Album: Get Into the Word - Vol 1
  • Composed by: Diane Windle
  • Lyrics:

Faith is just believing
what God said He will do
No matter what the circumstance
His promises are true
So when your life is hard
And you're not wure what you should do
It's best to take God at His Word

God told Noah
"You better build a boat
There's gonna be a flood
and you'll need a place to float."
Noah started working,
'cause he knew he couldn't swim
He did everything the Lord commanded him.

God told Abraham
"I want you to move out
Leave your country and your family
and the people all about
I won't tell you where you're going
but I'll take you by the hand
When we get there I'll show you
the promised land."

Moses could have lived his life
in luxury and ease
The son of Pharaoh's daughter -
doin' anything he pleased
Instead he chose to suffer
with the children of the Lord
He knew he'd rather
hold onto his heavenly reward

The kind signed an order
telling people not to pray
But Daniel was a man of God
he did it anyway
When they threw him to the lions
they figured he was dead
In the morning when they found him
he hadn't lost his head

Underlined lyrics are repeated